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  • Is Facebook 4 Mac safe?

    Users will be pleased to know that this program is safe to install onto their operating systems. Thanks to independent third-party testing, this software bundle has been shown to be free from viruses and other types of potentially malicious coding.

  • What is Facebook 4 Mac?

    This program essentially enables users to access their account and to perform various tasks without having to physically navigate to the Facebook server. Actions include reading emails, chatting with friends and keeping up to date with the latest news feeds.

  • Is Facebook 4 Mac free to download?

    One notable benefit of this software bundle is that it is absolutely free to use (much like Facebook itself). Therefore, those who find themselves on a limited budget will not have to worry about depleting their funds.

  • How often is Facebook 4 Mac updated?

    As you may imagine, this software tends to be updated in reflection with its social media counterpart. The exact frequency of updates as well as what they contain will naturally vary and of course, these upgrades are carried out by trained professionals.

  • Where is Facebook 4 Mac installed on my computer?

    This program will be installed as a standard ZIP archive and its contents will be placed on the desktop. However, it is also possible to open the file with a Mac-related program such as .DMG if required. The total size of Facebook 4 Mac is 7.9 megabytes.

  • What platforms will work with Facebook 4 Mac?

    As the title suggests, this specific variant has been developed foe Mac operating systems. There is an equivalent designed solely for Windows and this file is known as Facebook Pro.

  • How do I install Facebook 4 Mac?

    Once the download link is selected, the user will be given the option to either save the file to his or her hard drive or to open the file using a preselected ZIP file bundle. A wizard will provide guidance during the extraction process. Please note that the user will have to be logged into his or her Facebook account in order for the download to complete.

  • What is new in the latest version of Facebook 4 Mac?

    In the latest version (5.0), several upgrades have been installed. These include faster scrolling when viewing news feeds, a more interactive banner, the ability to quickly open images with one movement of the finger and faster load times in general.

  • Is Facebook 4 Mac available for Apple-based mobile phones?

    This program can work in conjunction with iPhones, iPads and the iPod touch. However, please keep in mind that iOS 4.3 or more recent versions will have to be installed in order for the hardware to function properly.

  • Is Facebook 4 Mac legal to use?

    The good news is that this program is completely legal to download and install. It works directly with Facebook architecture, so transparency is always present. Those who are curious to learn more about the developer of Facebook 4 Mac should visit their official download page.

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